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Plymouth is home to two lifeboats, the larger All Weather Lifeboat, named Sybil Mullen Glover and the smaller but faster Inshore Lifeboat, named Millenium Forester.  Based in Millbay Marina, both lifeboats provide cover 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to the Port of Plymouth, including the rivers Tamar, Lyhner, Tavy, Plym, Yealm and Erme; and the surrounding coastline into both Bigbury and Whitsand Bays. 

Plymouth Lifeboat Station is part of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, which is funded entirely by donations. 

Shouts 2017 - ALB (3) ILB (4) Arancia (0) - Total (7)

13th February - 13:20 - ALB - Tasked to assist Police in a search of the Tamar Bridge area after a person was reported in difficulties and possibly hanging off the side of the bridge.  A search was conducted with Police and no persons were found in danger.  Believed to be a false alarm with good intent.

11th February - 10:29 - ILB - Tasked to a dory seen drifting in Wembury Bay.  The priority was to ensure there were no recent signs of occupancy.  The vessel was found to be in poor condition and could have been adrift for sometime.  The vessel was taken ashore.

6th February - 04:49 - Both Boats - Paged to a report of a male on scaffolding in a dangerous positon on the Tamar Bridge.  The lifeboats were this time stood down after launch as the male was in the care of Police.

6th February - 01:19 - Both Boats - Paged after information received from Police of a female the wrong side of the barriers of the Tamar Bridge.  Crew stood down before launch as the female was confirmed as being safe in the custody of Police.