Shouts Shouts Fishing vessel Lonewolf with engine failure 77821419 Couple rescued from a liferaft after their boat's engine room had a fire 88157752 Speed boat sinking on the River Tamar 104483040 Sailing yacht with engine failure 139216290 179207631 The wreck of the Yarmouth Navigator on the Cattewater in Plymouth 179207632 Plymouth lifeboat alongside a fishing vessel The fishing vessel had been towed into Plymouth by the Salcombe Lifeboat after a mid channel collision with a container ship. 179207633 Cargo Vessel 'Tiageta' out of fuel and dragging anchor 180857674 ILB towing sailing yacht 'Prudence' 180857676 Rescue of 7 children from Whitsand Bay Plymouth ILB rescuing children cut off by the tide. Looe ILB also in the photo. 180857678 180857679 180857680 Plymouth Lifeboat launching to SD Salmoor with an engine room fire Photo Taken by - Gareth Evans 180857681 Wreck of the Yarmouth Navigator 180857683 180857684 Yacht aground in Cawsand Bay 180857685 Rescue of a diver caught in a gully 180857686 180857687 180857688 180857689 Maersk Jefferson - Medivac 20 miles south of Plymouth 180857690 180857691 180857692 180857693 Yacht aground in Crownhill Bay Please note the RIB in the background is a private vessel that was wrecked attempting to salvage the yacht the following day. 180857694 180857697 Dismasted yacht off Yealm Head 183340503 Vessel on fire in Plymouth Sound Incident on 22/01/14 188758093